DemoARTS is a site where you can find high quality video captures of demoscene productions available for streaming or download. The intent is to celebrate the demoscene productions as works of art they are and make them easier to enjoy.

While it remains an indisputable fact that viewing them running as intended is always preferable, they often come with specific hardware and operating system requirements which can make this difficult. A high quality video can often serve as a substitute.

The videos are made available using AV1 video codec with the 10-bit main profile, and Opus audio. Not all platforms support these technlogies yet, and smartphones may struggle with smooth playback. However, it is in the spirit of the demoscene to push technologies forward, and I believe that this will be improve with time.

The InterPlanetary FileSystem (IPFS) provides video storage and a gateway. I hope that as time and the technologies progress, there will be a shift towards IPFS access instead since this will distribute the traffic and help offset the costs.

DemoARTS videos will always be available for free and without advertising.

~ BrightSide, 2023