Website reworked

27 July 2023

The website, previously based on Ghost, has been redone in WordPress. There are a few reasons for this, butr primarily Ghost was not suited to maintain a simple self-hosted version of without using the docker tech, many of the features it offered turned out to be not required, and WordPress announced a plan for a closer integration with the Fediverse which is very appealing.

Changed category

4 June 2023

The Requests category was intended to bring some external input into the process and to let people have their favorites eventually published. It didn’t work as intended, so it has been replaced by productions from the Curio list from

First production out in the new Curio category is “Stargazer” by Andromeda & Orb.

First production published

12 december 2022

“1995” by Kewlers was published to the new brand new website.